The Camera Within Yourself

Have you ever taken a minute to think about the human brain and how it is able to store all of your memories and experiences? You often associate a memory with an emotion and can recall the memory when feeling a certain way and/or experiencing a similar situation, but you can also recall a memory with a single photograph taken on a camera, whether it be a simple or complex picture. Pictures are able to serve as memory storage. When you take a look at a photo, you are able to recall certain memories. You may associate a certain emotion with the photo and may be able to recall more about that memory or that time. When you look into a picture, the memory you are recalling from the picture is stored in the hippocampus region of your brain. So when you look at the photo it activates that part of the brain and you are able to recall the time that this memory occurred and the emotions that go with it. It’s pretty cool how similar a camera and your brain are even though one is an inanimate object and the other is an organ inside of a living organism. You may have heard someone talking about how many megapixels are in their camera, and the more pixels there are the better the quality of the picture. A megapixel is 1,000,000 pixels, with the maximum currently of about 50 megapixels in a camera. Compared to your eye that would actually be an extremely low number. Believe it or not, if your eye were a digital camera, it would consist of 576 megapixels! If you do not know much about megapixels and cameras in general, just remember that a very high number in the camera world would be 50 so your eye is 11 times higher. You may be thinking that this has nothing to do with your brain, but in order for you to interpret the colors that you see, you have a specialized group of cells that signal your brain and tell it how to respond to the light falling onto it. Once this occurs, that picture is stored in your memory, and associated with the emotions at that time. So years later when you recall a memory, you can visualize the images that are stored in your mind’s eye, and all the feelings that are associated with those images are experienced again.


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